Restorative Practice Mediation

Restorative Practice (RP) has an enormous potential to repair harm. Applying RP in FDR or mediation is highly effective and leads to better outcomes. This is a grassroots approach that is quickly learned, easy to adapt into your practice and empowering for your clients. Generally the impact is immediate. 

Your presenter Astrid

Introducing Astrid, by clients and audiences described as a compassionate and authentic professional, with over a decade of experience in supporting families through challenges of conflict and separation and more. 

Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Astrid migrated to Australia in 2008 and resides in the beautiful town of Broome, situated on Yawuru land within the Kimberley region of North West Australia.

Today, she operates a private counselling and mediation practice, focusing on relationships with a specialisation in family, couples, and individual counselling, trauma healing as well as private and corporate restorative practice and mediation.

Astrid’s diverse professional background spans academic hospitals, justice systems, learning/intellectual disabilities, mental health, and separation services. Her journey into Restorative Practice (RP) work began in 2010, driven by a passion to address blocks in family mediation that often relate to unresolved hurts or lack of closure in the parental relationship. This passion led her to develop an approach that she refers to as RP-FDR (Restorative Practice in Family Dispute Resolution).

The practice of RP-FDR

This innovative approach has had a profoundly positive impact, not only within her team in North West Australia but also across the broader Western Australia mediation community. Astrid has presented and conducted workshops, sharing her RP-FDR model, starting in Perth in 2018 and expanding to national and international platforms, including the National Mediation Conference in Wellington, New Zealand and across Australia.

While Astrid is now a highly trained couples therapist, it’s noteworthy that she developed the RP-FDR model when she was not yet in this role. This underscores the adaptability of the approach for mediators, whether from a social scientist, legal, or other background. So far other professionals such as family therapists, child consultants, psychologists and managers and directors in the field are enjoying Astrid’s approach and workshops.

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Workshop content

Restorative Practice in FDR. One mediator’s perspective.

Elaborating on a talk presented to the National Mediation Conference as well as online across the globe, Astrid will conduct a workshop on how she has incorporated restorative practice into her FDR practice for seemingly intractable cases. She will outline how to assess which cases are appropriate and which are not, and then supervise role plays in which participants will play clients and RP practitioner with subsequent feedback, reflection and questions.


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