Relationship Counselling

Most people want their relationships to last a long time, they are worth the investment of time and energy. With support you can improve communication, get better at expressing your needs and learn how to deal with conflict. You can be real with each other. When your relationship is stronger, you can enjoy the friendship, love and passion more and you will feel more confident in yourself and your relationship.
We offer support for the short term, to address particular issues, and also for the long term if you want to change patterns or dynamics that are more difficult to tackle without professional guidance. Either way, you should get some life lasting tools and skills from our work together.
Do you feel unhappy about some things in your relationship and struggle to talk about this (calmly) together? Is communication hard? You may feel either of you have changed and worry that you are no longer a good fit. Maybe you feel the quality of your sexual relationship is not great. Can you have difficult conversations, and do you trust that your relationship will hold up? You may feel misunderstood about your feelings or powerless in supporting your partner when your partner is having a tough time.
A partner relationship is important in our lives, right on par with our relationship with our parents or children. Most relationships start off with the well-known ‘honeymoon period’ and this phase rarely lasts. When ‘reality’ strikes relationships are tested in many ways by for example life events, stress, interference, disagreements, different needs and expectations, loss, changes, the birth of children etc. If these experiences impact on your health or the quality of your relationship it may be time to seek support.
Some employers support relationship counselling through their EAP budget, please ask about this if fees are stopping you from accessing the services you need. We can also assist in seeking permission for you without mentioning your name.