Getting to know your nervous system

Gaining a better understanding of how your nervous system operates means learning what it feels like, and how it makes you think, act, or react when being in different states.
Knowing your nervous system is instrumental for your relationship with yourself, practicing self-care effectively, and your (intimate) relationships with others.

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Getting to know your nervous system is an exercise suitable for anyone who seeks to better understand their own responses to feelings. In the ebook, Astrid explains how your feelings are guided by your nervous system and why it is valuable to have a greater understanding of this. It comes with an audio-recorded exercise which includes instructions and a mapping template.

What to expect:
This ebook provides you with helpful explanations and some background information about why you feel the way you do. The guided audio exercise will give you insight into your unique way of responding and thus you will create your very personal guide to your feelings and how to best manage them when necessary. You will also have access to a template to map your own nervous system. Having a better understanding of your nervous system will improve your well-being.

Doing this exercise and getting to know your nervous system is instrumental for:
– Dealing with stress
– Responding to feelings triggered by past trauma events
– To practice self-care effectively
– Your relationship with yourself and
– For your (intimate) relationships with others.

Suitable for Professionals who can refer their client to this exercise as a foundation for further session work, such as:

  • Social workers
  • Child, youth, and family workers
  • Health workers
  • School counsellors, teachers, well-being staff
  • Early years professionals
  • Counsellors
  • Carers

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