Intimacy and Attraction Event

Whilst we are all busy and often distracted, keeping our important relationships strong and healthy is not easy. How do we connect deeply with those that matter to us the most?

Learn more about yourself and grow your relational skills and confidence as we explore new ways to connect truly with your partner in ways that will change your understanding and skills in intimacy forever. We will find any barriers and look for new ways to engage in intimacy and teach you the skills to reignite the spark and foster growth in your relationships.

Your facilitator
This approach to intimacy and relationships is founded by Internationally renowned psychologist and trainer Michaela Boehms who works with Oscar winning movie stars, Grammy winning musicians and billionaire CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Astrid’s work already went beyond talking therapy with the use of somatic tools, now we incorporate embodiment. Michaela’s training builds on her decades of experience in working with individuals, couples, families and groups and her continuous engagement in professional development. For Astrid it is important that an approach is real, powerful, practical and effective and that is what she offers. 

Creating Intimacy and Deep Connection
Unlock the secrets of intimacy and deep connection. Begin by tapping into your own sensations and emotions, the cornerstone of meaningful relationships. Learn to listen to your body and translate these signals into responsive action, paving the way for genuine connection with others.

Discover the power of being present in every interaction. Cultivate attention and sensitise your body to connect intimately not only with partners but with anyone you encounter. Through the art of Erotic Friction, unleash a dance of bliss, joy, ecstasy, and love.

Open your Heart
Experience the liberation of an open heart. In relationships, we often build walls to shield ourselves from pain, but true connection requires vulnerability.

Join us to explore your heart’s rhythms and openings, connecting with its deepest yearnings. Learn to trust your instincts, set boundaries, and discern between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Embrace the clarity that leads to profound relaxation and openness, paving the way for authentic connections and fulfilling relationships.

Erotic Friction
The interplay and chemistry before one truly connects and gets intimate is called erotic friction. It is in the difference between two people that spark comes to be and to maintain the attraction one can learn how to play with it. Did you know you can learn and cultivate attraction instead of expecting it to be something that overcomes you? Come and learn how attraction works and how to evoke it through using your senses and in your expression.

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