Individual Counselling Service

We may experience conflict, or we feel frustrated, down, lost, hopeless or powerless to change. You may feel quite happy and content with your life however you would like to change one aspect. Maybe you feel ready now. Often we try and avoid feelings like sadness, grief, loneliness, anger or discomfort yet we can’t escape them. Your feelings and thoughts may impact on our physical wellbeing leading to further struggles. It can be hard to keep feeling strong, capable and confident. It does not have to stay that way.

If you have experienced a loss, are unhappy with and inside your body or are not looking after yourself the way you would like to. If you feel negative about yourself, are not achieving what you think you should be capable of, or if you struggle with self-expression. If you find relating to others challenging or wonder what is wrong with you. Maybe you are unsure where you are heading in life, why you are not living the life you want and what you can do to change direction. Astrid can work with you.

Having conversations with someone who listens, who is fully present for you and who can apply and teach you a variety of useful and supportive tools may be helpful. You may get to know yourself better: you may gain a better understanding of your feelings and thoughts and express them more clearly. You may discover some of your needs are unmet and find ways to fulfill them. Let me walk alongside you whilst you explore ways forward.
For trauma healing my prefered treatment method is Brainspotting. Brainspotting is a ‘little talk’ therapy that enables your brain to reprocess traumatic experiences and stop you from becoming triggered. For many the effects of Brainspotting offer great relief. Please read more under Information.

If you worry about the costs of individual counselling, please read on at the EAP section.