Family Dispute Resolution

What about the kids?! What about me, my future, the house?

Going through separation may be one of the hardest periods in life. Most people hope and expect to be and stay together, especially when they have children. If one or both parents decide that the relationship is over, this can come as a real shock. It will take time to get over the hurt and to get used to living separately. Decisions may be made by one parent that really impact on the other; this can be quite difficult and upsetting. The children may struggle adjusting to the many changes. Parents may experience financial stress and more.

The process to assist parents (or other family members) after separation to come to arrangements that are in the best interest for the children is called Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).

We always advise you to seek legal advice.

FDR is available locally without huge wait times or complicated processes. We will tailor our support to you as it fits your family and circumstances best.

All parents want the best for the children and at times it can be hard to know or see what that is. This is extra difficult when there is conflict between the parents. We can help you clarify this through Child Inclusive Practice. We will see and hear from your children what it is they are experiencing in a safe and confidential space where they feel free to express their feelings. After this session we will provide you with feedback; we share what the children are happy to share and will also provide guidance around your children’s needs. This way you can ensure you can be there for them in a way they really need.

If we notice that one or both parents have difficulty adjusting and if this is impacting on the children or the FDR process, we may suggest you attend counselling to support you.

When you have reached an agreement through FDR, we can write a Parenting Plan for you.

If we deem FDR not suitable for your family, we can issue you a certificate to take to Family Court.