Family Counselling

In Family Counselling we can address any of the issues that are stressful to individuals, children or parents and that affect all family members.

To ensure the safety of all family members a careful assessment is done before commencing family conversations about issues arising. If we believe one or more family members may be unsafe in this space, and this can be due to development stage, personality, vulnerability, current circumstances or other reasons, we will seek ways forward to support the family and to ensure no harm by working flexibly.

As a parent it can be difficult to see your child struggle. Sometimes getting some insights, tool and a boost of confidence to parents is enough to overcome challenges. Sometimes it can help your child or teenager to talk with someone who is neutral, who does not bring in their own hopes or expectations and just listens. At times children are more open to tools and ideas on how to manage hard feelings from an outsider. If during family counselling we notice that your child suffers from bullying, has friendship issues, is overwhelmed with feelings at times, or struggles with communication we maybe be able to work with them separately for some time. We can offer support around recovery from traumatic events, self-image, family changes etc.
Rest assured that if we think that your child needs other, specialist help like a child psychologist or play therapist we will let you know and we can refer you/your child.