Employee Assistance Program

Are you struggling at work because there is so much going on in your life?

Are you worried you may lose your job because of this?

Do you want some support but are you unsure if you can afford it?

We offer counselling support that your employer may be willing to pay for. You can come and talk about what is worrying you. This may help you carry the load and see things more clearly and to find ways forward. Most employers are willing to pay for the service you need and allow you to access our service in work time, which may be a relief to you.

This service is confidential, that means that your employer will not hear what you talk about with us unless you want us to talk to them. Also, if you prefer us to enquire if your employer is willing to pay for your support so you don’t have to, we can enquire about their permission without having to mention your name.

Employee Assistance Program