Whatever you give energy to grows


In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity
Albert Einstein

What I can do for you

Life is beautiful but certainly not always easy. There may come a time in life when you feel unable to solve problems that arise by yourself.
It is likely that you are viewing this website because you are unhappy with yourself, your circumstances, life in general or your relationship for a variety of reasons. Challenging feelings or thoughts can be difficult to manage.

In individual or relationship counselling you can access someone skilled and professional who listens, who is fully present for you and who can apply and teach a variety of useful and supportive tools that may be helpful.

You may get to know yourself, and possible loved ones, better: you may gain a better understanding of your feelings and thoughts and express them more clearly. You may discover some of your needs are unmet and find ways to fulfill them.

With professional guidance short or long term change is possible. I invite you to explore the information on this website to see if my services appeal to you. You can learn more about how I work and who I am, and if it suits you, feel free to get in touch. Let me walk alongside you whilst you explore ways forward to a more fulfilling life.

Therapy is an opportunity for change, to have a more complete, more harmonious and balanced life.
Noémi Orvos-Tóth



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All services are provided face to face and/or via zoom
For home visits and travel to remote locations please enquire

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